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Tablet Repair

Laptop Repair: What To Do Before Your Bring Your Computer In For A Fix

You depend on your laptop to get your work done from day to day, and we understand that you can find yourself in a very tight spot if your computer stops working. When you need laptop or tablet repair, A1 Phone Repair is here to provide the service you need. Before you bring your device in for laptop or tablet repair, follow these steps to ensure that we preserve as much of your data as possible.

Save any work you're currently editing. This includes Word documents, Google Docs, photos, and anything else that you want to be able to return to after your laptop repair is complete. While we'll likely be able to save most or all of your data, you'll want to be sure that you've saved your latest edits to your projects.

Bring everything that you normally use with your device along with you so that we can ensure that it's all in working order before we return it to you. Don't forget your power cord, any keyboards that you connect, etc. We want to be sure that your device is fully functional before we give it back to you.

You'll also want to give us as much information as possible as to how your computer became damaged when you bring it in for repair. The more we know, the more we'll be able to help you get your device up and working again. Whether that means talking to us about water damage or describing how your device was dropped, we'll be able to use the information you provide to inform our next steps in getting you back on track.

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